I get asked a lot of questions about my show.  Here a some common questions and the answers I ways give.Q.  I have these spot lights, do you think they will be bright enough?A.  If you have to ask, NO.  Do your home work and see if the spotlight you are providing will work for the venue.  I have never been to this venue.  It is your job to know what will work correcly
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Production Solutions, I remember my first festival.

Production Solutions in St. Louis SUCKS!!!!  I know I should not say that about anyone, but it is so true.  Let me count the ways.1.  I arrived at the gig and the lighting package that had been advanced includes 4 sets of ACLs.  Guess how many are there?  0.  Did anyone call in advance and tell me that there was a problem? NO.  When asked about this, a representative
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Oldest Spot Light Ever

So,  those that have worked with me in the last few years have gotten to see my lighting rider.  Many find it very funny, and some find it help full.   When I started out writing the rider it was very dry and to the point.  Over the last few years I have added things to it.  Mostly to add color and express exactly how I wanted the lighting to go.  In one such note
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