Texas Senate Bill HB 2649

This morning, the Texas House Senate passed HB 2649, which outlaws nearly all theatrical lighting designers currently working. This bill forces all lighting designers to be either licensed electricians, or registered as an architect or interior designer. SECTION 3. Subchapter G, Chapter 1001, Occupations Code, isamended by adding Section 1001.3011 to read as follows:Sec. 1001.3011. LIGHTING DESIGN;
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Sugarland in Austin, TX

First off I have to say wow! I really enjoyed this show. Finally a "country" artist who understand that putting on a show is more then just getting up and signing songs. I think Sugarland understand that a show needs to tell a story and that performing is more then just singing. I am glad that either Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush or someone they pay understand that a shows is more then a sting
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