VideoScreen 4

In a previous post about Vectorworks 2010 I wrote about the video screen plug-in by Landru Design.  After viewing the VW 2010 demo I wondered what had happened to this plug-in since I noticed that VW included a video tool.  I was happy to here that it is still alive and kicking.  It turns out that Andy Dunning found and read the blog and was quick to point out that his plug-in VideoScreen 4 is still out there.  I am glad it is.  After looking at his website I can see that Andy's plug-in offers a lot more than the VW2010 tool.  I really like the VS4-LED part.  I have always had trouble explaining what a low res LED wall looks like.  Now I can just show my clients.  In this age of visually illiterate clients it is a must to be able to show them a 3d rendering a not a 2d plan.  This is what makes Vectorworks and it's plug-ins so powerful.  Being able to switch back and forth from 2d plan or section to a 3d model is very powerful.  Thanks Andy for writing such a cool plug in.  Everyone should check it out.  While you are at it you should check out his other plug-ins.