Festival Concept

Just having a little fun today.  Playing around with easy festival lighting ideas.  Only requirement is that it fits on a 40x40 roof.  I think this would work.  It really depends on how many band members you have.  The walls are Cobra panels from Element Labs.    I have never used them before but I think they would work well in this application.  The rest of the lighting is  28xVl2500 spots and 18xVl500 washes.  Most of the lights hang from ladders on the perimeter or the roof.  This puts a good deal of weight on out side of the roof structure allowing a greater number of fixtures.  Simple rigging of the ladders will keep weight down.  The ladders combined with the lights from the midstage truss and set pieces would make for a nice little show.  A small lighting package with big punch.  I would most likely add some more 500's to the DS for band wash.  It is just a quick Idea.