Production Solutions, I remember my first festival.

Production Solutions in St. Louis SUCKS!!!!  I know I should not say that about anyone, but it is so true.  Let me count the ways.

1.  I arrived at the gig and the lighting package that had been advanced includes 4 sets of ACLs.  Guess how many are there?  0.  Did anyone call in advance and tell me that there was a problem? NO.  When asked about this, a representative from the company told me that they were not in the budget.  But 8 MAC 700's where in the budget.  Who asked for those?  They are nice lights but I don't want them for this show.  Also, the sound side of the company had two Midas 3000 desks at the venue.  That is a big desk for an opening act.  Oh yeah these are the guys who brought the oldest spot light in the world to a show.  I worked for a company 10 years ago who had one of those lights.  WE NEVER SENT IT OUT!!!  HAVE SOME PRIDE IN YOUR GEAR.

2.  If you can't patch dimers, find some one who can.  Look if you have a sounds company that's cool..  Have a sounds company.  DON'T DO LIGHTS.  When the guy patching is just an extra monitor guy who does not want to do his job it really shows.  It makes you company look like crap..  After all Production Solutions, St. Louis says they do it all.  What they really do is audio.  Everything else is just a side job.  My lighting tech for the day was never around.  I had to go to monitor world to find him more then once.

3.  WHO USES MEDIUMS ON THE UPSTAGE?  really?  If you don't know the difference find some one who does.  Thanks for putting the one narrow on the up stage.  Oh yeah thanks for the wides on the down stage too...  54 MLF and 6 WFL is a cool look.   I have been trying to get that for years.

4.  What size gel does a source four par take?   I know, but the people who work for PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS do not.   The local IA climber was stuck in the truss for an hour fixing the gel that was falling out of the cans.  PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS please teach your people how to do there job.

5.  We had one par on the upstage that did not work.  That is fine..  sometimes it does not work...  But you should know how to fix it.  I was told that there was nothing that could be done because there was no spare cable.  WHAT!!!!!.   The audio department had plenty of spare everything.   They did get it working.  Thank you guys for that...  But really, have spares..  Spare cable, spare lamps, spare fan outs, spare everything.   I know your audio department was well prepared for the show.   WHY WAS LIGHTING NOT?

6.  The oldest spot light in the world worked great.  Much to my surprise.  The one next to it could only be about two months younger.  I think the serial number on that one was 278.  That young gun did not want to work.  We started the show with out it.  It was fixed with some duck tape and started working around the 3rd song.  Way to go lighting guys!!!  When the same spot stopped working in the 5th, 7th, and 11th song you guys were no where to be found.  I had to get the FOH audio guy to find you.

I remeber my first festival.  I was very unprepared.  I have since then learned what to do.  I guess this is Production Solutions first festival.  Maybe the first one with lights.  Next time please remember a few things.  If the lighting director for a band sends a lighting plot.  DO WHAT THE PLOT SAYS.  If there is going to be a problem you should call me before I get there and figure it out.  I have worked very hard to provide an easy set of instructions on how to do my show.  It is hard to screw it up.  Production Solutions did.  I am sorry that I had to give you a review like this, but the people who pay you guys deserve to know.