Good spot light Ops?

Last night I had a new guy on spot light.  Sometimes it can not be helped.  They have to learn some how.  The amazing part of the whole night was how my new spot light guy did not know stage directions.  I understand that there is always a first time.  But a first day is something else.   I never understood how a show critical job could be given to a guy on there first day.  I know I worked years before I got to run a spot light.  I think that the industry has lost a lot of integrity.  Take all the recent rigging problems and roof collapses.  It sounds like people are getting injured and killed at a larger rate than even last year.  This job is getting more dangerous by the day.  Promoters, are cheaper than ever.  Hiring guys at 6 bucks and hour to build a stage and hang thousands of pounds of gear over the audience and the artist.  It is only a matter of time before something tragic happens.  I hope it never does.   Remember what I was saying about he first day.  I have seen riggers on there first day.  If I know more about rigging than the rigger, he should not be working.  I am not a rigger, but I know what is safe and will work and will not.  The first day is going to get someone killed.