I get asked a lot of questions about my show.  Here a some common questions and the answers I ways give.

Q.  I have these spot lights, do you think they will be bright enough?
A.  If you have to ask, NO.  Do your home work and see if the spotlight you are providing will work for the venue.  I have never been to this venue.  It is your job to know what will work correcly for the gig.

Q.  Do you really want the lights patched to your plot?
A.  I understand this is your first show.  Welcome to the bisiness.  Yes always patch the lights to the plot.

Q.  Are two spot lights going to be enough.
A.  Honestly, if they both work for the whole show, yes.  Spot lights are very important to every show.  If both of them broke, how would we see the artist?  I look at it this way.  I have two spares for everything at a show.  So if the bare minium is two spots.  Then you need two spots and two spares.  So just bring 4, or 5.

Q.  The propoter does not want to pay for the extra lights.  Will the artist pay?
A.  NO!  I get this question at a lot of festivals.  Most of the time it revolves around something like ACL bars.  I understand that the artist managment agrees to festival lighting.  Most people would agree that festival lighting would include, 120k, 2 or 4 moles, 4 acl bars, and at least 2 spot lights.  When you summited a bid for the show your company agreed to provide these items even if you did not know it.  So just bid the show accordingly.

Q.  We are having some problems with the downstage truss.  Four lights are not working.  Is that ok?
A.  I am going to go with NO!!!!!!  Please make sure everything works before it leasves the shop, then again after you set it up, then again after you gel, then after you patch.  You should have checked these lights almost 6 times before I see them.  On this note are you going to return the money the promoter paid for those 4 lights?  At the very core of this issue is someone paid you for all those lights working.  Please don't make me the bad guy.  I will inform your client about the money they are due back.

Q.  Where were you guys last night?
A.  I don't know.  What I do know is how the lights were yesterday.  I hope yours are better.  I am going to remember if they suck.

Q.  Do you guys give out tshirts?
A.  We do.  But now that you have asked you don't get one.  I will be more than happy to do what I can to get you as much swag as you want.  In return your gear should all work and your service should kick ass.

Q.  On your plot you only have 42 lights on the downstage.  Do you want the rest of them?
A.  Once again, I understand this is your first show.  I don't want things that are not on the plot.  If they are on the plot you should bring them.

Q.  Can I post pictures of your show on my website?
A.  Sure, that is fine.  As long as you do not claim that you designed the show, or provided anything that you did not.  For example.  Every picture of my show should; 1. Be appoved by me or artist managment. 2. should have designed by Ed Neuhaus under the photo.