Oldest Spot Light Ever

So,  those that have worked with me in the last few years have gotten to see my lighting rider.  Many find it very funny, and some find it help full.   When I started out writing the rider it was very dry and to the point.  Over the last few years I have added things to it.  Mostly to add color and express exactly how I wanted the lighting to go.  In one such note I commented that I would not allow spot lights older then the Lighting Director to be used on the show.  Until today that had not been a problem.  Today I found what I believe to be a spot that is older then I.   That would be 30 years old.   Look at the picture.  What you can not see in the picture is the serial number.  It is 58.   That is right..  The 58th Satellite I ever made.  OMG!!!!  WHAT THE HELL.   So the company who owns these lights is Production Solutions in St. Louis.    Production Solutions lighting gear is crap.  Or maybe it is just there people.  They do not know how to read a plot or care about the lighting aspect of the show.