A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, by Steven Louis Shelley.

I bought this book several years ago when I was interning for the Nashville Ballet. At the time I was working mostly in corporate lighting and I needed a quick read to get me into the world of theater lighting. I can say that this book did prepare me well even though I still made a fool of my self. Shelley, the author, has done a good job of explaining things in a strait forward kind of way. This
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Book Club

Neuhaus Lighting is starting a book club. I am going to blog about some of the entertainment books I have read. I know I don't have all the entertainment books out there but I do have lot of them. If there are any that you suggest, I welcome them. While it is true that a book on the entertainment industry is out dated as soon as it is written, there are many things that can be learned from some
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